...with 7 years of experience in building digital products and services. I’m a Hyper Island alumni and have been working with big global brands and small startups within mobility, retail, healthcare, the public sector etc in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and London. I’ve been running my own tech startup and been travelling the world to teach and talk about user-centric design.



User research
- Getting to know the needs, pains and expectations from end-users

Synthesis and analysis - Identifying patterns, insights and opportunities from the research

Workshop and ideation facilitation - Turning opportunity into ideasPrototype and experiments - Turning ideas into measurable prototypes

User testing - Putting prototypes and products in the hands of users to validate

Interface design UX & UI - Delivering designs and working closely with developers to ensure the best user experience



“It was great having you in Malmö. You did not just deliver those finished project but left many of us with an insight of the importance of good design. We have a long road to travel in the public sector but it always starts with one step. Good luck with new adventures! ”

- Maria Ernblad, Head of digitalisation Malmö Municipality

“It's been an honour to work with you. Your work was incredible and for sure has a lasting impact at Malmö Stad. So for anyone out there: make use of the chance of working with Rikke while you have it! ”

- Timo Engelhart, CTO at Malmö Civic Lab

“After having worked for one year with Rikke at her startup, Steps - digital tools for mental health, I am happy to recommend her as a fantastic designer! She has a cheerful, natural, and colourful personality, and this reflects upon her design style; she can distil the vision of Steps into contexts, messages, and elements that delight and engage users. I am lucky to have met her and would be glad to work with her again. If she contacts you, go ahead and meet!”

- Vlad Manea, software developer and PhD fellow