The social department approached us with the ask for an algorithm to match homeless with available housing - I offered them a four-week discovery project before developing any solutions.

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I spend the first week identifying and interviewing the 3 main actors; citizens, customer support and entrepreneurs. From this we identified important issues; it’s hard to locate the error due to bad description from the citizens, it’s impossible for the citizen to understand what will happen after they've reported and the citizens are very active Facebook

Based on these learnings we started designing solutions. We wanted to help the users create good reporting with accurate descriptions, we wanted them to understand what would happen with their report and we wanted to build on platforms the users were already using, Facebook Messenger.


I put together a Facebook Messenger chatbot in during a couple of hours, it wasn’t connected to the backend and not perfect, but good enough to put in front of users as a proof of concept.

Based on this test it was clear what was good and bad about our prototype, these improvements we started to develop while connecting it to the API in order to make it accessible for the citizens of Malmö.

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